Troy Daly

Senior Associate Investment Specialist

With his critical attention to detail and past experience, Troy ensures the clients criteria is checked, through vigorous due diligence and analysis of data.


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Ambitious, passionate & honest

Troy's real estate adventure kicked off at just 21 when he snagged his first property. Fast forward to 23, one more joined the party in his portfolio.

But hey, it's not just about the properties—it's about seeing them as turbochargers for wealth. Troy is all about empowering people to rock the real estate game with confidence and smarts.

At the core of Troy's world is Paige, his life partner, and Octavia, his little superstar. Parenthood? It’s leveled up his mission—to build a legacy of prosperity and financial know-how for the next crew.

He is not just a real estate buff; he's your go-to guy for turning bricks and mortar into a pathway for lasting wealth.

Let’s dive into a world beyond property—a world where we empower, achieve financial freedom, and use real estate to fuel that long-lasting wealth and he is stoked to be your guide in the thrilling universe of property investment.

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