Jillian Breen

Buyers' Agent

Jillian’s enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail have played a huge part in her success in the real estate industry.

Jillian Breen and Kate Wilson

Enthusiasm, Dedication and Attention to Detail


Before becoming a buyers’ agent, Jillian had a highly accomplished career in sales with McGrath, dominating the southside suburbs of Brisbane. She now uses her highly tuned negotiating skills to advocate for buyers, helping them to find and secure their dream home.

Jillian has always had a passion for property. Over the years, she’s completed several renovations and building for-profit projects. Having bought and sold many more times than the average person would in a lifetime, she knows just how stressful both buying and selling can be.

What sets Jillian apart is her natural ability to connect and empathise with people. She thanks her previous career as a coronary care nurse for her honed and exceptional communication and organisation skills.

Outside of real estate, Jillian is a proud mother of two boys and a keen gardener. She strongly supports women in business and is an official sponsor of the Yeronga Devils Women’s AFL team. Jillian is currently working towards becoming an advocate for women fleeing domestic violence and supports many related charities.

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